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"Thomas Bloch is unquestionnably a virtuoso and a musician"
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Thomas Bloch plays the glassharmonica, the onde Martenot and the cristal Baschet solo or with various artists, ensembles or orchestras (tv programs, documentaries, concerts...).
Mozart, Messiaen, Roellig, von Holt Sombach, Gorillaz / Damon Albarn / David Coulter, Manu Dibango and Cesaria Evora, Alan Alda, male sopranos (Patrick Husson, Fabrice di Falco), Marianne James, Charlelie Couture, Jacques Dupriez, Marc Grauwels, Philippe Bernold, Cyril Hanouna, Jean-Francois Zygel, Felix Carrasco, Gerhard Finkenbeiner...
Some of those videos can be seen on the pages of this website when related to a subject: biography, onde Martenot, glass armonica, crystal Baschet, crystal voice, composition.

The famous Oscar-winning french documentary, music composed and sung by Emilie Simon. We can hear extensively the Crystal Baschet, the Glass Armonica and the Ondes Martenot played by Thomas Bloch in this movie trailer.

A short movie directed by Guillaume Anglard, music composed and played (crystal Baschet, glassharmonica) by Thomas Bloch (2006)
This movie can also be seen on the composition page of this website.

Thomas Bloch plays boths ondes Martenot parts in this version (excerpt from the CD Edgard Varese complete works vol. 2 on Naxos).

A video clip with images of stained glass (music excerpted from the CD Music for ondes Martenot / Thomas Bloch on Naxos).

A video clip with images of Marc Chagall paintaings (music excerpted from the CD Patrick Husson, sopraniste on K.617).

A strange experimental video clip from New York (music excerpted from the CD Music for glassharmonica / Thomas Bloch on Naxos).

Thomas Bloch plays and explains the glassharmonica during a popular belgian scientific program on the national TV (RTBF).

Trailer from Gorillaz show in which Thomas Bloch plays the ondes Martenot, the glass armonica and the cristal Baschet.

Thomas Bloch and his ondes Martenot ensemble play with the english band Radiohead (live 2001).

Thomas Bloch and his ondes Martenot ensemble play with the english band Radiohead (live 2001).

Thomas Bloch and his ondes Martenot ensemble play with the english band Radiohead (live 2001).


Pictures of Thomas Bloch and various musical excerpt on his Myspace
Works by Tom Waits, Mozart, Thomas Bloch...

Thomas Bloch plays glass harmonica solo and chamber music.
Thomas Bloch (glassharmonica), Maurice Bourgue (oboe), Philippe Bernold (flute), Quatuor Rosamonde, Fabrice di Falco (male soprano), Yves le Pech (male soprano), Damien Top (tenor), Christine Icart (harp), Marc Marder (double bass),  Ettore Borri (piano), Monserrat Sanroma (soprano).
Works by Mozart, Beethoven, Donizetti, Schulz, Roellig, Naumann, Reichardt, J.J.S. von Holt Sombach, von Apell, Thomas Bloch.

Thomas Bloch plays ondes Martenot solo and with various combination of instruments : 9 ondes, chamber music, electronic, double concerto for ondes Martenot, piano, orchestra et percussions.
Phil Minton (voice), Bernard Wisson (piano),  Lindsay Cooper (bassoon, voice, synthetizers), Susan Bellings (voice), Michel Redolfi (electronic),  Fernand Quattrocchi (conductor), Gerard Siracusa (percussions), Etienne Rolin (flute in G, soprano saxophone), Dean Brodrick (keyboards), Olivier Touchard (electronic), Brian Abrahams (drums), Ademir Kenovic (voice), Marek Swatowski (oboe), Thomas Bloch Waves Orchestra (TBWO), Pomeranian Quartet, Paderewski State Philharmonic Orchestra.
Works by Olivier Messiaen, Bohuslav Martinu, Bernard Wisson, Lindsay Cooper, Michel Redolfi, Etienne Rolin, Olivier Touchard, Thomas Bloch.

Thomas Bloch (ondes Martenot solo), Francois Weigel (piano solo), Antoni Wit (conductro), Polish National Radio Orchestra.
Classical Music Award 2002 "meilleur enregistrement d'une oeuvre du 20ème siècle" (Midem, Cannes), Choc (Le Monde de la Musique), The choice (Gramophon)...

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